NPC's of Morrowind finally able to speak with the help of AI

NPC's of Morrowind finally able to speak with the help of AI
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The world of Morrowind, a beloved Elder Scrolls game, has been a source of wonder and excitement for many players despite the game's rough edges, including its combat system and rudimentary by modern standards graphics. Thankfully there're a plethora of mods to deal with perceived issued, but one thing remain unconquered. The real challenge for many players is the sheer amount of reading required in the game. It is not uncommon for players to switch off the game as soon as guard officer Sellus Gravius starts reciting his lengthy monologues. But now, modders are using AI (artificial intelligence) to bring the game's voiceless characters to life.

With the use of a tool called ElevenAI, modders are giving voice to Morrowind's characters. From Nami the librarian's greetings to Caius Cosades' quest-giving barks, to a groundbreaking effort to voice the entire game using cutting-edge AI technology.

The result of these efforts is both fascinating and unsettling. The AI's ability to replicate the haunting tones of the evil Dagoth Ur is particularly noteworthy. However, this technological advancement raises ethical concerns, as many of these projects are training the AI on the limited voice lines already present in the game, without proper permission from the original voice actors.

While the use of AI does provide an effective solution to Morrowind's extensive dialogue, there is no denying that some might feel uncomfortable to have the talents of human voice actors artificially replicated. The issue of AI-generated art and its potential to lead to plagiarism and lack of compensation for the artists is a concern that the world is grappling with. The same ethical questions arise with the use of AI in voice acting for video games. Moreover, new AI tools open gates for completely unique voices, potentially leaving voice actors fewer opportunities.

On the other side of the voiceover spectrum is the Skywind project, an effort to remake Morrowind using the Skyrim engine, where modders inviting volunteer voice actors to voice hundreds of NPCs. This approach provides a more secure moral foundation, and it is always preferable to compensate and credit the original creators for their work.

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