ChatGPT users are reporting a drop in the quality of the output in the last month.

ChatGPT users are reporting a drop in the quality of the output in the last month.

Users of OpenAI's widely celebrated AI language model, ChatGPT, have recently voiced their grievances over a noticeable decline in the tool's performance, claiming a drop in its "intelligence".

The tool, which had been touted for its ability to assist with everything from coding to drafting emails and creative writing, has reportedly become less proficient in these tasks over the past few weeks. Some users allege it's as if the tool's "IQ suddenly dropped 20%".

In a thread started by a Reddit user u/gtboy1994 who identified as a regular of ChatGPT, they claimed the tool was no longer capable of solving basic CSS problems that it previously handled with ease. This user was not alone, as the thread quickly filled with similar accounts from others who had noticed the same decline in performance.

Several users voiced concerns over the bot's decreased efficiency in aiding with Excel formulas, SQL queries, and advanced calculations. Users also pointed out the AI's diminishing ability to generate original sounding content, with the tool reportedly reusing the same phrases, making the outputs sound more robotic than human.

I don't use it every day, but I do use it a couple times a week to help with excel formulas or SQL queries. And it's definitely gotten dumber.

— DrMantisToboggan44

The issue wasn't confined to coding or creative writing either. Complaints also arose about the tool's ability to draft emails and messages. Previously, users would type the gist of an email into ChatGPT and then paste the AI's version back to send to clients. Now, users claim the output reads as if it was written by a robot or a non-native English speaker.

The complaints also indicated a reduction in the tool's context window, with users reporting that ChatGPT seems to forget things it was capable of remembering in the past. Interestingly, some users found that these issues were less prevalent when they used previous versions of the AI, such as GPT-3.5.

Some users expressing suspicion that the nerfing of the tool's capabilities might be intentional. However, these claims are impossible to verify, and OpenAI has yet to make a statement about the alleged decrease in the AI's performance.

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