AI mimics drake and The Weeknd — now it's knocking on Grammy's door

AI mimics drake and The Weeknd — now it's knocking on Grammy's door

The boundaries of music and tech are blurring, and the latest buzz? A track that channels the essence of Drake and The Weeknd, all crafted by the genius of artificial intelligence. This isn't some futuristic fantasy; it's the bold move of the enigmatic Ghostwriter977. His AI masterpiece, "Heart on My Sleeve," is not just turning heads but also aiming for a coveted spot at the Grammys.

This audacious move comes from the enigmatic Ghostwriter977, who has been at the forefront of this AI-music revolution. The song in question, "Heart on My Sleeve," isn't just a mere imitation; it's a testament to the leaps AI has made in the realm of music. Variety reports that this groundbreaking track is now vying for spots in the Best Rap Song and Song of the Year categories at the Grammys.

The music industry, already in a state of flux with the rapid technological advancements, is now grappling with the implications of AI-generated tracks. The very essence of music – its soul, its human touch – is being questioned. Yet, despite the song's removal from streaming platforms, the Grammys haven't shied away. The track, it seems, is very much in the running.

Recording Academy CEO, Harvey Mason Jr., weighed in on this AI conundrum in a chat with the New York Times. "The moment I heard that track, I knew it was going to be a game-changer, not just for the Academy, but for the entire music industry," he remarked. Mason Jr. further clarified that while the song's AI origins might be controversial, its human creator, Ghostwriter977, makes it eligible for Grammy consideration.

Earlier this year, Mason Jr. had delineated the Academy's stance on AI submissions. While AI-assisted tracks can be submitted, the accolades will only go to the human contributors who have played a significant role in the creation process. This means that while an AI might assist in crafting a hit, the real credit (and the Grammy) would go to the human behind the scenes.

But Ghostwriter977's AI endeavors don't stop at Drake and The Weeknd. The mysterious figure recently dropped a bombshell on Twitter, revealing an AI-generated track that uncannily mirrors the voices of 21 Savage and Travis Scott. And they're not alone. Fake AI-generated Frank Ocean tracks have been making rounds online, fetching thousands under the guise of "unreleased leaks."

In response to this AI onslaught, major players like Universal Music Group are urging streaming platforms to safeguard their music data. Their fear? That AI might soon be trained to replicate the sounds of top-charting artists. Spotify, for one, has taken a stand, wiping out thousands of AI-produced tracks from its platform.

As we stand at this crossroads, one thing is clear: the future of music is both exciting and uncertain. With AI making its Grammy debut, the industry is set for a tune-up like never before.

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