Diablo 4 player discovers new clue to secret cow level after defeating 666 cows

Diablo 4 player discovers new clue to secret cow level after defeating 666 cows

A Diablo 4 player, known by the handle Grampajoe, has stumbled upon an interesting clue that hints at the legendary Secret Cow Level in the game. This discovery follows the player's peculiar endeavor of defeating 666 cows, with the final cow dropping a coveted item called the Musty Tome. The action unfolded on the "Not Finding A Cow Level" Discord server, where Grampajoe shared his experience, rekindling the community's curiosity towards unlocking this hidden level, much like the cow levels found in Diablo 2 and 3.

Uh hey, so I just got the Musty Tome from a cow after killing about 666 of them (it was hard to count). The cow died with a red curse effect and the tome dropped from it.

The Musty Tome is one of three relics, alongside the Bloody Wooden Shard and Metallic Fragment, believed to be connected to the Secret Cow Level. This level has been a part of Diablo lore, and its mystery got an extra layer of intrigue when Blizzard removed a related quest from the game in July. Despite Blizzard's stance on the non-existence of this level, the recent discovery has sparked renewed attempts by players to unearth it.

Upon collecting all three relics, players have ventured to the Forlorn Hovel within the game, utilizing a key obtained from using the relics at specific Ox statues in Ked Bardu. Now, a cellar in the Forlorn Hovel awaits exploration, filled with cows, dead bodies, and a singular stamina potion. The potion's connection to the Cow King's drops from Diablo 2's cow level has fueled speculation and new in-game trials among the community.

Streamers like Echohack, Raxxanterax, and AnnacakeLIVE, alongside their audience, are now diving into this mystery, trying various in-game actions to unlock the elusive Cow Level. The newfound clue has certainly provided a fresh direction for players and a burst of activity within the Diablo 4 community as they band together to solve this long-standing enigma.

While the Secret Cow Level remains shrouded in mystery, the recent discovery by Grampajoe has provided a pathway for further exploration and attempts to unveil it. As the community delves into this new lead, the quest for the Secret Cow Level continues, with players eager to unravel what lies within the Forlorn Hovel and beyond.

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