Amazon's new tool uses AI to generate virtual backgrounds for product images

Amazon's new tool uses AI to generate virtual backgrounds for product images

Amazon has introduced a beta feature for advertisers, enabling the creation of AI-generated image backgrounds for product displays. According to Colleen Aubrey, Senior Vice President of Amazon Ads Products and Technology, this feature serves as a generative AI solution aimed at removing creative roadblocks, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of advertisements.

Advertisers can easily transition from generic white backgrounds or poorly edited Photoshop images to more engaging and contextually appealing backgrounds with just a few clicks in the Amazon Ad Console. For instance, a toaster, previously shown in a plain background, can now be placed in a lively kitchen setup, making the product more relatable to potential buyers. The process is simple and requires no technical expertise, making it a hassle-free option for advertisers looking to spruce up their product images.

One of the attractive benefits of this tool is its potential to boost ad engagement. Amazon's data indicates that placing a product in a lifestyle context can increase click-through rates by up to 40% compared to standard product images. The tool doesn't add new content but alters the existing imagery to better resonate with viewers, thereby potentially increasing the chances of user engagement.

Getting started with the feature is straightforward. Advertisers select their product in the Amazon Ad Console, click "Generate", and choose from several image options that are produced in a matter of seconds. They can further refine images with short text prompts, allowing for a touch of customization to better align with brand messaging.

This new feature from Amazon is part of a larger trend of integrating AI in advertising to ease the creative process and improve ad performance. It follows other AI tools Amazon has rolled out, like an AI feature for generating text for product listings and another for summarizing product reviews. Moreover, the tool comes with public APIs, enabling both first and third-party integrators to access the AI-powered image generation feature programmatically, thus widening its scope beyond the Amazon Ad Console.

The image generation tool is currently available to select advertisers, with Amazon planning to extend its availability over time. This initiative reflects Amazon's ongoing efforts to blend AI technology with advertising needs, aiming to provide advertisers with tools that deliver more impact with less effort, and ultimately, enhance the advertising experience for both advertisers and customers alike.

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