Fallout creator wanted to take the series beyond the US: "We wanted to explore China and Russia"

Fallout creator wanted to take the series beyond the US: "We wanted to explore China and Russia"

One of the creators of the Fallout series shared his vision for the future of the series. Tim Cain, a key developer of Fallout, participated in a podcast with TKs-Mantis, where various aspects of this legendary series were discussed. Despite leaving the project before the release of Fallout 2, Cain had many ideas regarding its further development. When asked where he would like to relocate the action of a hypothetical Fallout 3, Cain said:

Well it would have gone 3D, the only reason we didn't do it is [because] it wasn't viable. I would have gone to different parts of the world.

One thing I've told people is, we used to talk about because Fallout America was very much the jingoism of America, we wanted to explore China and Russia. We were like 'we don't know enough about this,' so we would have had to find someone, we would have had to do hires, we need somebody who really knows Russian day-to-day life and could tell us what did 50s Russia think the future would be? and what did 50s China think the future would be? I wanted to explore that.

Furthermore, Cain revealed that he had an idea for a new part of Fallout, which he had not shared with anyone.

I already designed a Fallout and nobody's seen the design. I didn't even tell Leonard [Boyarsky - Fallout designer] the design because if it ever gets made, I will know it's a coincidence. I don't even see things going that way so it just sits in my head.

Regarding the fan-made Fallout London mod, Cain began listing cities he would have liked to "bomb" within the series.

Think of all the beautiful cities that you could nuke, the Eiffel Tower would melt and bend over. Big Ben. I mean Prague is beautiful, would love to nuke that. There are some cities that would be really cool. Rio de Janeiro, let's nuke that. Hawaii would be cool nuked. The thing is, I wouldn't just want to stay in the States.

Unfortunately, Fallout 5 is still far off. Its active development will commence only after The Elder Scrolls VI, which is not going to be released before 2026.

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