This is how Alan Wake 2 would look with a Resident Evil camera

This is how Alan Wake 2 would look with a Resident Evil camera

Alexander Battaglia from Digital Foundry shared a video depicting Alan Wake 2 with fixed camera angles, similar to the classic Resident Evil games. This isn't an official feature from Remedy Entertainment, the developers of Alan Wake 2, but rather a visual exploration of how this camera style would impact the game's look and feel​.

In the video, the fixed camera angles lend a different ambiance to Alan Wake 2, potentially amplifying the eerie atmosphere of the game. Although the X's resolution isn't the best, viewers can get a sense of how this perspective brings a different vibe to Alan Wake 2, reminiscent of the early Resident Evil games​.

The reaction to this visual experiment has been mostly positive. Fixed camera angles could not only offer a distinctive aesthetic but also possibly improve game performance. The stationary camera might enable players with less powerful graphics cards to activate Ray Tracing, and some RTX card owners could even switch on Path Tracing for better visual quality​.

The blend of Alan Wake 2 with Resident Evil-style camera angles has stirred discussions among gamers. Some appreciate how these angles might bring a nostalgic touch to the game's combat scenarios, similar to the intense encounters in Resident Evil​​. Others enjoy the fresh perspective it offers to the game's environment and combat dynamics​.

This visual experiment highlights the potential for modern games like Alan Wake 2 to adapt elements from classic titles, opening up discussions on the exciting gameplay possibilities such modifications could offer.

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