Developer creates Angry Birds clone in one day using only AI

Developer creates Angry Birds clone in one day using only AI

Javi Lopez, an AI enthusiast known for his previous experiments with GPT-4 generating Doom/Wolfenstein-style game maps, has recently unveiled a novel project showcasing the capabilities of artificial intelligence in game development.

His new game — Angry Pumpkins, draws inspiration from the well-known Angry Birds, with a Halloween twist. The distinctive feature of Angry Pumpkins is its development entirely through AI, highlighting the advancements AI has made in creative fields.

Utilizing the capabilities of Midjourney, DALL-E, and GPT-4 AI models, Lopez managed to create Angry Pumpkins. DALL-E and Midjourney were used for generating visuals and background imagery, while GPT-4 handled the programming tasks. The entire game comprises just 600 lines of code, all generated by AI, showcasing the potential ease of creating simple games with AI technology.

Discussing the project, Lopez mentioned that the programming was the most challenging aspect, despite the concise codebase. He detailed the complexities in incorporating various game elements like different particle effects and object types.

Lopez acknowledged that GPT-4 is not yet capable of autonomously creating a complete game from a single prompt, but he is optimistic about a future where creating high-quality games could be simplified with AI assistance.

Lopez also shared details on how the AI models were used for both graphics and code generation, providing insight into the application of AI in game development. This project emphasizes the growing capabilities of AI in the gaming industry, suggesting a future where AI could significantly assist or even lead game development processes.

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