Starfield player made a detailed guide on manufacturing advanced nuclear reactors in the game

Starfield player made a detailed guide on manufacturing advanced nuclear reactors in the game

Starfield fan Matt Benson has crafted an incredibly in-depth 12-page illustrated guide detailing how to manufacture and assemble components for advanced nuclear reactors across numerous star systems in Bethesda's space RPG.

The fan-made guide looks like a vintage vehicle manual, outlining manufacturing process flows and resource requirements to automate the collection of rare materials needed for high value reactor parts. Benson created meticulous diagrams and maps to empower players to efficiently produce the complex components with minimal effort by optimizing cargo links between planetary outposts.

Assembling the advanced reactors requires heavy and scarce parts to be sourced across different worlds with strict limits on the number of outposts and cargo connections. Benson's guide recommends specific star systems and mining locations to acquire the necessary resources while minimizing travel and logistical challenges.

The illustrations track raw material extraction, component part fabrication, and cargo shipments powering the multi-planetary automation. Informational badges provide details on outposts and branching diagrams indicate structures, resources, and material flows. Benson focused on maximizing efficiency given gameplay constraints to aid enterprising players in creating profitable manufacturing routes.

After over 200 hours of data gathering, planning, and playtesting, Benson crafted a comprehensive commerce map tracking all 24 utilized outposts across 14 Starfield systems needed to build the valuable advanced reactors for sale or the player's own use. His guide will enable industrious players to efficiently harvest rare resources when Starfield launches to craft high-end gear or simply explore the farthest reaches of space.

You can read more about creation of this guide in Matt's blog. Print version available here.

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