Have you noticed that Starfield doesn't have any real paradise planets

Have you noticed that Starfield doesn't have any real paradise planets

Bethesda promised over 100 star systems in Starfield, with a variety of planets to explore — and by last count, there are almost 400 planets and hundreds of moons where player can land. With its "revolutionary" procedural generation technology, one might expect at least some visually stunning paradises. Yet months after release, no one have discovered a true heaven in the vastness of space. Too many planets blend into homogeneous cosmic... beige.

Bethesda prioritized realism over inspiration for planetary aesthetics. But this rigid accuracy sacrificed awe and wonder. Rather than iconic extraterrestrial edens like Valerian’s Mül or No Man’s Sky’s lush worlds, Starfield trends dull and unimaginative. More often, ambiance emulates a Fallout wasteland rather than gorgeous alien vistas.

Paradiso resort — this place has a serious pollution problem or something?

The touted Paradiso resort on the planet Porrima II epitomizes this failure. Advertised as paradise, Paradiso instead disappoints with gloomy synthetic foliage suited for dystopian buildings rather than utopian retreats. Even more disappointing beaches feature dirty green-gray liquid resembling radioactive waste rather than enticing alien oceans rewarding long voyages. This falsely marketed "paradise" contradicts the wondrous worlds players should discover.

For all its stunning depiction of gas giant moons and alien sunrises, Starfield falls critically short utilizing art direction to inspire planetary grandeur. Too many underwhelm rather than dazzle, indistinguishably blending into repetitive boredom. Such uninspired terrain fails to spark player imagination or curiosity.

Some of the coastal areas in Starfield:

Hopefully modders can address this creative void and add diversity where the base game falters. Given success with past Bethesda visual mods, fans might expect more alien beauty rather than mundane realism across worlds. But for now, players must endure repetitive procedural generation featuring little beyond colored alien bushes.

Looking forward to the soaring space fjords, glittering lagoons, impossibly vast rivers, roaring waterfalls, pearly archipelagos, massive glaciers and hidden oases.

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