Civilization 6 players discussed what kind of victories their real countries are aiming for

Civilization 6 players discussed what kind of victories their real countries are aiming for

Civilization VI is a video game, and like most games, it has a beginning and an end. There is a set of goals and conditions for victory. For example, you can capture the whole world. Or launch a spaceship for a science victory. You can also win through culture or diplomacy. However, in reality this scheme does not work, because there is no single date when the results are summed up and awards are given.

But what if you transfer victory conditions to real countries?

This is exactly what one Civ 6 player Nordish_Gulf was thinking about. He wrote in a post:

I'm from the United States and I think we would be going towards a culture win right now.

Not saying we'd be winning the game, but we'd be up there.

What about your country?

In response, gamers from different countries put forward their suggestions:

  • Germany replied that it had failed at domination and was now trying for a science victory, despite being behind.

  • Italy acknowledged failures in both domination and culture, the endgame is clearly not working out.

  • New Zealand chose diplomacy, which would shame leader Kupe.

  • Canada acknowledged its weak diplomatic efforts.

  • The UK admitted the failure of its domination attempt, so it has now switched towards diplomacy or culture.

  • Serbia reported losing territory during dark ages, but who knows, it might still pull off a science victory. As unlikely as it sounds.

  • France wavered between culture and diplomacy, with a very strange leader whose skill is: "+200% chance to reduce happiness upon doing anything".

  • Peaceful Switzerland bet on diplomacy.

  • Kenya, a former British city-state, aimed for diplomacy if it survives of course.

  • Norway complains about the lack of an economic victory, suggesting investing funds into ship production to rely on raids when sea levels rise.

  • Brazil laments cultural losses in the face of France, despite natural and man-made wonders. Domination does not fit - the army is too outdated due to corruption. Religion and science are also lackluster. A score victory is possible, but only if we play marathon.

  • Mexico and Belgium have turned into city states.

  • Ethiopia plans to conquer city states after failing with religion.

  • The Philippines is just building resorts, experiencing dark ages.

  • Slovakia is stuck in a dark age, and prospects for victory are slim — cultural at best.

The thread only represents a small part of the countries available to play in Civilization, so it’s difficult to reflect the whole picture. However, if we continue the topic, we can say the following about some other popular civilizations:

  • Australia — cultural and diplomatic victories

  • Japan — cultural victory

  • China — economic and cultural victories, with a possible pivot towards domination

  • Russia — domination or diplomacy

  • South Korea — cultural and scientific victories

  • Egypt — not very clear, maybe diplomacy

  • Greece — cultural victory

  • India — scientific and cultural victories

Interestingly, no one is particularly pushing for a religious victory, although some states are extremely religious these days.

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