Factorio player attempted to 'squeeze out' biters by blocking their spawn — plan backfired

Factorio player attempted to 'squeeze out' biters by blocking their spawn — plan backfired

In the base-building game Factorio, one of the players found an original way to contain aggressive arthropod creatures known as biters. He surrounded their nests on all sides with pipes, leaving no space for the biters to spawn. However, this clever defense tactic had unintended consequences, reminding everyone that the Factorio developers anticipated such developments... or maybe that's just how the spawn mechanics work.

As other players explained in the comments, since biters in Factorio are literally made of air pollution, their nests absorb pollution from the atmosphere, and when they are full, they expel it in the form of a horde of biters and spitters. So, by blocking the enemies' exit, the player essentially deprived nature of filters to clean the air from the harmful emissions of their factories.

Participants in the discussion noted that the solution to the problem is quite simple, at least if one wants to simplify their life. It's enough to leave a small gap in the enclosure and place turrets around it. Voilà — an infinite air filter.

And if you use laser turrets paired with accumulators and solar panels, you can even achieve an eco-friendly option that doesn't require reloading.

Creating such a massive pipeline around enemy nests is a non-trivial task. But the post's author assured that it was relatively easy to do with yellow rockets to destroy dangerous worm-like creatures, followed by a multitude of portable construction drones to place the remaining pipes. To prevent the biters from interfering with this process, he set up a battery of laser turrets at a safe distance, where he could retreat in case of threat.

Adding to this fascinating discussion, the creativity and strategic depth players bring to Factorio are remarkable. This instance highlights how Factorio's open-ended gameplay encourages inventive solutions to problems, blending environmental management with defense strategies. It's a testament to the game's design that players can come up with such unique approaches to interacting with the game world, reflecting on broader themes like pollution and ecological balance in the process.

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