AI opt-out feature launched on Tumblr

AI opt-out feature launched on Tumblr

Tumblr's AI opt-out feature is now live, offering users a way to prevent their data from being used in AI model training. This update comes amid discussions between the platform's owner, Automattic, and AI companies Midjourney and OpenAI about utilizing Tumblr content for AI training.

According to a report by 404 Media, these talks could soon result in deals providing Automattic with a new source of revenue. As expected the report sparked concern among Tumblr's community, especially visual artists worried about their creations being used without consent.

Automattic has responded by introducing a toggle within Tumblr's settings that allows users to opt-out of third-party data sharing, including with AI platforms. This move aligns with broader industry trends where companies negotiate with AI toolmakers for data use, amidst growing legal and ethical scrutiny. While platforms like Reddit and Shutterstock have entered into agreements with AI companies, Tumblr's approach focuses on user choice and control over content sharing.

In a recent blog post, Tumblr emphasized its commitment to user rights and content protection, regardless of geographic location. The platform has updated its policies to block AI crawler access, except for approved partners, and has provided detailed instructions for users to disable third-party sharing via their blog settings. This initiative reflects Tumblr's support for proposed regulations, like the European Union’s AI Act, aimed at giving individuals more control over their digital content's use by AI technologies.

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