World of Warcraft player collected 900 mounts — gotta catch 'em all

World of Warcraft player collected 900 mounts — gotta catch 'em all

A World of Warcraft player by the name of krin132 recently took to the game's subreddit to share their incredible achievement of collecting a staggering 900 mounts. The impressive feat, which includes nearly every mount from the Shadowlands expansion, has garnered significant attention from the WoW community. Overall there's 906 mounts, excluding retired or unobtainable.

In the Reddit thread, krin132 revealed that they had been working on their collection since the Warlords of Draenor expansion, with the number of mounts in the game increasing substantially over the past four expansions. Many players in the comments section expressed their amazement at the dedication required to amass such a vast collection, with some noting that they struggle to maintain even a fraction of that number.

When asked about the time invested in this endeavor, krin132 simply stated, "I would rather not know."

While some players argue that the increasing number of mounts has diminished their uniqueness, others maintain that the joy of collecting remains unaffected. As one commenter put it, "Collecting is collecting. The value is still there because the stuff that is more commonly considered valuable will still be considered the same."

Krin132's 900th mount, the Golden Beetle, proved to be a bittersweet acquisition. They had to part with a significant portion of their in-game gold — approximately 1.2 million, to purchase the mount.

With great sadness, I had to part ways with 1.2 mill gold for the golden beetle thing, which was most of my gold.

Reddit users also discussed the most efficient ways to collect mounts, with experienced collectors offering advice and resources to those just starting their journey. Some players even expressed a desire for Blizzard to introduce a special reward for reaching certain collection milestones.

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