Factory must grow — Factorio player shows off Impressive portable setup for Nintendo Switch

Factory must grow — Factorio player shows off Impressive portable setup for Nintendo Switch

A dedicated Factorio player has taken their love for the game to the next level by showcasing an impressive portable setup that allows them to continue building their factory even while on the move. In a recent post on the Factorio subreddit, user pabloescobyte shared a photo of their Nintendo Switch accompanied by a unique split keyboard, enabling them to play the game comfortably wherever they go.

The image features a Nintendo Switch running Factorio, paired with a Corne split mechanical keyboard. The keyboard, which is divided into two separate halves, provides a more ergonomic and customizable gaming experience.

In the thread, the player mentioned that they decided to purchase Factorio for the Switch after their PC's GPU died last year. While they considered buying a Steam Deck, they ultimately opted for the Switch version of the game. Pabloescobyte expressed their satisfaction with the experience, stating that playing Factorio on the Switch is just as enjoyable as on the PC, especially now that keyboard and mouse support has been added.

Pabloescobyte also provided information about the keyboard's components and build process, mentioning that it's an open-source design with numerous variations available:

It's a pretty "standard" Corne build but I guess mine is custom since I ordered all the parts and built it from scratch.

The keyboard is a Corne using the v3.0.1 PCBs with Gateron Yellow switches, Drop MT3 BoW (Black on White) keycaps.

I had the PCBs fabricated by JLCPCB in China and bought the rest of the components from a combination of AliExpress, Amazon, Digikey, Mouser and McMaster-Carr.

The cases are 3D printed PLA. I found the original files off Thingiverse and made some modifications to them in Fusion360 for my specific build before printing them out.

You can buy several variants of the keyboard as a "kit" from a few vendors or you can do what I did and get the PCBs made for you by grabbing the gerbers off the original creator's GitHub repository here.

It's an open source keyboard so there are a ton of variants and variations out there. Pretty fun to build and I'm loving using it so far.

I've got two more of the same keyboard--one MX wireless one and one low-profile with Choc switches.

When asked about the benefits of using a split keyboard for gaming, pabloescobyte highlighted the improved ergonomics and reduced strain on the shoulders and wrists. They also mentioned that the fully-programmable nature of the keyboard allows for customized layouts and layers, making it adaptable to different operating systems and gaming needs.

With the increasing popularity of portable gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, it's likely that more players will seek out innovative ways to enjoy their favorite games while on the move. Pabloescobyte's setup is an inspiring example of how a little creativity and passion can lead to a truly unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

Here's another setup from the thread — with similar keyboard but running on Steam Deck:

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