A fan of interfaces praised the excellent UI design of various consoles and displays in Starfield

A fan of interfaces praised the excellent UI design of various consoles and displays in Starfield

The space RPG Starfield from Bethesda captivates with various aspects. Some play simply because it's a game from this studio. Others love science fiction. For some, there's a lack of role-playing experience in space. If there's a will, everyone can find something for themselves in Starfield. And for one gamer, one of the aspects that caught his attention was the incredibly detailed and realistic design of the game's interfaces (UI), from various consoles to devices and displays.

Reddit user Mattgyvercom recently shared a gallery of various interfaces from Starfield on the r/Starfield subreddit, praising the game's displays and panels as "among the best in any game." The post, titled "UI interface appreciation. I'm a lover of all things technical, and the displays and panels in Starfield are among the best in any game," quickly gained traction within the community.

Mattgyvercom's gallery showcases a wide array of interface elements, from ship cockpits and dispatch panels to minor details like shower interfaces and button panels. The design is not only visually stunning but also highly functional, with many players noting that it seems to be based on real NASA technologies. This makes sense, as Bethesda itself has stated its aim to convey the spirit of NASA-punk, reflecting a grounded yet futuristic aesthetic.

Other users, such as DoctorPatriot, appreciated the fact that Starfield's technology "looks good AND appears functional," setting it apart from other sci-fi games that prioritize style over substance. The UI design's commitment to realism and functionality has led to increased immersion for many players.

However, some players have pointed out that while the in-game interface elements are impressive, the actual game menus and interfaces could be improved. User saikyan commented:

If only the actual game UI was as good as the decorative UI on the ships.

Despite this criticism, the general consensus among fans is that the interface design in Starfield is a testament to the passion and dedication of the design team. Moreover, modders are already on the case, with excellent Starfield interface mods available that enhance usability.

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