Civilization 6 player shared a vision for redesigning districts and city centers for the next game

Civilization 6 player shared a vision for redesigning districts and city centers for the next game

Civilization 6 fan known as JNR13 has presented a concept that reimagines the game's district system and reintroduces early-era buildings back into city centers. This gamer's vision, which they wish to be moddable, proposes that districts become primarily a phenomenon of the modern era, allowing players to construct early-game buildings within a single tile without needing to occupy valuable space that could be used for other purposes.

In a detailed post, JNR13 outlined the key aspects of their proposed changes. The concept involves a tiered system where Tier 1 buildings are placed in the city center, Tier 2 buildings are constructed in a new "Town Square" district that replaces the Aqueduct, and Tier 3 buildings are merged with their respective districts to represent late-game urban sprawl.

Under this system, players would gain access to districts at different stages of the game. Holy Sites and Harbors would unlock early on, while more advanced districts like Campuses and Industrial Zones would become available in the modern era. Gamer also suggests introducing a "City Park" district in the Industrial Era, which would grant Appeal bonuses and house specialised buildings.

JNR13's post has attracted significant attention from the Civ 6 community, with many players supporting the concept — at least for Civilization 7, as implementing such a mechanic in the current game would be challenging. The author of the post acknowledges that such changes are not expected in the near term.

Some users expanded on the idea, suggesting the possibility of transforming Holy Sites into Campuses to reflect the historical connection between religion and science.

Development of a new Civilization game is underway, but it is still unclear when it will be released and whether it will be Civ 7 or some spin-off. Given the evolution of each new game in the series, the next installment is also expected to introduce a lot of innovations.

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