Fallout fans discuss the best places to live in the Wasteland

Fallout fans discuss the best places to live in the Wasteland

In a recent Reddit post on r/Fallout, user meltingc0rpse posed an interesting question to the community: "If you had to choose, from any game, any settlement/town/city/region/nation/faction to live in the wasteland, where would you choose?" The post sparked a discussion among fans of the post-apocalyptic RPG series, with many sharing their picks for the most desirable locations across the Fallout universe.

While some players opted for obvious choices like Diamond City in Fallout 4 or the New Vegas Strip, others delved deeper into the lore to uncover hidden gems. One such location that stood out was Broken Hills from Fallout 2, described as "such a nice little place with some nice people" and offering a sense of security thanks to the presence of super mutants who could fend off raiders.

Many fans agreed that the New California Republic (NCR) seemed to offer the best standard of living throughout the series, making it a logical choice for those seeking stability and safety. However, as meltingc0rpse humorously noted, this may not be the case for those who chose a Legion ending in Fallout: New Vegas.

Among the most popular responses was Tenpenny Tower from Fallout 3, with user bassplayer96 praising its cleanliness and the wall surrounding it for added protection. "And no dirty ghouls dropping bits of flesh everywhere," they joked. However, some players pointed out the potential for a ghoul takeover, referencing events from the game's storyline.

Another top contender was Jacobstown, a settlement of friendly super mutants led by Marcus in Fallout: New Vegas. The_Game_Connoisseur highlighted the location's pine forest biome, decent amenities, and the "good cause" of providing a safe haven for super mutants. Others noted the settlement's seclusion and the potential for securing a steady supply of food and water.

The Institute from Fallout 4 also received numerous votes, with players like ActuallyACereal acknowledging the moral dilemmas associated with the faction but appreciating the clean, high-tech environment it offered. Some fans even joked about the Institute's tendency to replace people with synths, with seanm_617 quipping, "Civilization? I'll stay right here."

While the majority of the discussion focused on well-known locations, a few users championed lesser-known spots like Goodsprings from Fallout: New Vegas and the Whitespring Resort from Fallout 76. The latter, in particular, was praised by Laser_3 for its safety, cleanliness, and the "wonderful goodies" hidden in its basement.

It is obvious that Fallout community has a diverse range of opinions on the best places to call home in the wasteland. From the relative safety of major settlements to the charm of small, tight-knit communities, each player had their own unique preferences shaped by their experiences with the series.

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