US Federal Agencies Required to Appoint Chief AI Officers

US Federal Agencies Required to Appoint Chief AI Officers

The US government has mandated all federal agencies to appoint a Chief AI Officer (CAIO) to oversee the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, aiming to ensure safe and responsible AI application in public services. This directive, announced by Vice President Kamala Harris, is part of new guidance from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which also requires agencies to form AI governance boards and submit annual AI system reports detailing use, risks, and mitigation strategies.

The CAIOs, who do not need to be political appointees, and governance boards are expected to be in place by the summer. This move builds upon the Biden Administration’s AI executive order, focusing on safety standards and the recruitment of AI talent in government. Agencies are also tasked with monitoring AI systems, verifying compliance with safeguards against algorithmic discrimination, and maintaining transparency in AI usage.

For example, travelers can opt out of TSA facial recognition without delay, healthcare AI applications will be overseen by humans to ensure diagnostic accuracy and fairness, and any AI detecting fraud in government services will be subject to human review and remedies for individuals affected by AI decisions.

Additionally, the guidance stipulates that government-owned AI models, code, and data should be public unless it compromises government operations.

While the US lacks specific AI laws, this executive order outlines the federal approach to managing AI technologies, amidst ongoing discussions about AI regulation in various sectors.

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